Saturday, March 19, 2011

Problematic urgency!

Hi you olzs. 

I'm squashed in between assignments and temptations to go jalan-jalan shopping with the Thailand girls tomorrow. Been extremely busy this past few days since classes are transfered to BI. 

So sleepless nights are to be friends with. Great.

A friend of mine reminded me about how I shouldn't keep every work/assignment/exam angst buried inside me because it'll make me go coo-coo bananas. 
I think it's kinda true.

 Want some proof revealing?

Saf pretending to be a princess at 0236 hours Jakarta time on the 14th March 2011.

Pretending to be gangster Kampung Pisang at 2315 hours Jakarta time on the19th March 2011.

Crazy shit.