Sunday, March 27, 2011

No, Can Do's Ville Baby Doll.

Hellew, hellew.

Sorry, haven't been blog frenzy for quite sometimes now.I ain't dead yet people. Going through some rough patches  as my diarrhea has been continuously affecting my entire week. 
 Anyhoo, a lot of things happened this couple of weeks. A LOT. 

Let's start with the karaoke competition. Funny shit wey. Haha. 
Couple of weeks back as Saf and I were on our way to pick up our clothes from the laundry, we stumbled upon a booth with a sign 'BINUS SQUARE KARAOKE COMPETITION FOR MARCH 2011'.

Me: Macam menarik je, Saf.
Saf: Masuk ah Sheyra. Nanti I support you. Nanti I panggil Atiqah, Ikmal ngan Ejat support you ramai-ramai. Wakil Malaysia.
Me: Jom Saf. Masuk sekali. For fun please. I tau suara I ni tak seberapa. Orang kat sini mana kenal kita pun. To heck la if they want to laugh if we sing like crap kan.

I ended up registering myself for the competition which is 8 days ahead while Saf chickened out as she was so shy-shy-kitty-kitty-meow-meow. To cut the story short, the karaoke issue had slipped my mind on the day of the competition. Plus, my class finishes at 3pm at which the competition was also scheduled to start. Mind you, it usually takes 40 minutes from uni to reach Binus Square. I had a strong feeling that I would not have made it in time and thus decided to withdraw my participation. Earlier in the morning, I met with the event organisers to notify them of my withdrawal from the competition but alas, the ever so flexible organisers allocated a much later slot for me to sing in.

I reached Binus Square around 4-ish and was shockingly surprised that the competition was held outdoor near the swimming pool! What I had in mind was the medium-size confined indoor Oak Room.To make matters worse, I didn't realize that it was my first attempt wearing baju kurung to class since I got here. Imagine I had to sing Katty Perry's Firework and Christina Aguilera's I Turn To You with THAT attire as I have no time to go up to my room to change. Singing the catchy Firework song with a BAJU KURUNG! Ayayai. Sentap mak T_T.

Sampai-sampai, dah start *Gulp*
Lily from Korea. She sang a Korean song. Pretty amusing.

Andi sang Terima Kasih Cinta by Afghan. Phenomenal!
Can't remember her name but she sang a Colbie Caillat song. Mendayu-dayu you. 

Duet contestants. 

Oho, that's me clinging on to the mic.With baju kurung some more. Don't play-play.

Thailand girls, Sasa and Gift sang Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

I think I did fairly ok with Christina's I Turn To You but I didn't put any hope at all in winning because I screwed up  on my Firework song sebab dah semput tak cukup nafas and the lagu was so fast and banyak kene suara tarik-tarik-jerit-jerit. " Cos baby you're a fayerrrr werkkk..c'mon let your colours bersttt..make 'em go oh oh you shoot across the skai-ai-aiiiii..." Complete disaster guys. 

Did I humiliated myself in public? 
Yes, I did. 

Do I give a damn what others think of me? 
No, can do's ville baby doll ;)

Finally, the results announcement. 

MC: 2nd runner-up for Binus Square Karaoke Competition 2011 goes to....Thailand duet girls! Natacha and Nuchada!

*Applauses.Thailand girls collects prize. Smile. Takes photo*

MC: She's wearing a long black dress and she's our runner-up! Give it up for Shahira from Malaysia!

*Wait..a  what?? Dress?? Did he just mentioned my name. I won? Walks heartlessly to collect prize. Forces a smile. Snaps photo *

The winner of this years Binus Square Karaoke Competition was entitled to Andri Nurhady who sang Terima Kasih Cinta and Bukan Cinta Biasa, both by Afghan. 

Congrats Andri. Suara kamu kayak persis Afghan! Sip sip sip.

So that's the story people. I intentionally entered a karaoke competition for fun and unexpectedly won it. LOL. Told you, it is a funny shit.
Last but not least, penyokong dari Malaysia. Yang kanan sekali tu ialah Saf and tengah tu ialah Atiqah. Paling kiri tu namanye Ejat. Terima Kasih kerana datang support.
Gomo Klate Gomo!


  1. wow sheyra, u can sing! hehe. no video of u singing ke? aiyo. i wanna see.

  2. az kalau u ade kt situ mesty best. kite buat banner segala sume nanti. it was only the 4 of us from malaysia.

  3. Az: hey, EVERYONE can sing ok. i rasa video tu dekat Atiqah. I sendiri pon tak tgk lagi. haha

    Saf: Gomo klate gomo! sweet je korang :))

  4. yang mengancam kalbu! Well done baby doll ;)

  5. saf : kalau i ada kat situ mmg i jd pyokong y galak mcm monyet da. mlompat2 jerit nama sheyra.

    sheyra: upload la! apa lg. i maok nangga( meaning "i nak tgk!" in bhs srwk)