Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Rendition

Everyone should really know this.

I have the most awesome set of friends anyone could ever ask for! 

Can't describe it with words. Let the pictures do the talking.

So MANY things have happened since I got here and I'm really just grateful for all the blessings and support from Allah and all of you. I'm amazed how life has brought me this far. There's still a lot more room for me to learn, explore and discover. Plus, I know I've been a big-headed and obnoxiously stubborn after all this while and for those of you that I've might unintentionally hurt your emotional feelings, I'm truly sorry. My journey is still long ahead. I'm still learning and fixing to get it right. 

Despite for being far apart from home, I still can feel the strong sparkle  from everyone who wished me as a sign that they actually remembered me. My mails kept flooded with messages from fb, twitter and bbm. For those of you who had called me all the way from Malaysia, thank you, thank you very much. To Saf, Atiqah, Ditha, Ikmal, Lily, Andi, Faisal and Ejat, thank you so so much for going through the hassle throwing my surprise birthday prank. I appreciate all your time and effort that you guys have putted into even though you guys were tired as it was getting late and morning classes are held the next day. You guys managed to pull a straight happy face just to cheer me up :')

Family and friends back who wished me, I'm thankful to have known all of you. I just can't express how overwhelmed I am to receive such simple birthday statement and yet feel so loved. If only I could hug my laptop the whole night, I would guys...

 So 22, bring it on. Let see what you have to offer ;)
Peace and love.


  1. wow! bestnye yang! glad to see that u're happy! happy belated birthday sheyra :))

  2. thanks fatin. i just recently followed your blog and i must say, it's incredible :)