Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mbak Sehera

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera ibuk-ibuk bapak-bapak...

Well now that I'm already in Jakarta... I would like to share some stories/incidents of my interesting moments as a pertukaran pelajar UiTM yang bertauliah. Eceh.

The minute I stepped foot in this Bakso land, the first thing that came into mind was ' So semak one... Macet (jam) everywhere! How to survive like this?'. The traffic was very bad I tell you. May be because in Malaysia the rush hour occurs in a certain part of the day like at late evening when people start coming home from work or if there's any accidents or even roadblocks. 

But here, bad traffic doesn't conquer only the roads during day time, but it also dominates the night and all the jalan kampung yang ada pelusuk-pelusuk! Vehicles kept on honking to one another and beggars along the road side kept on knocking on car windows. 

Motorcyclist lagi satu! So dangerous. They love to squeeze-in in every small space they can find. I thought the motorcyclist in Shah Alam is the most hardcore notorious, rupanya ada gang kat Indonesia ni ha! 

The driver from Binus that drove us with Toyota Kijang barely move for 10mins for every 50 meters. Imagine every 10mins gerak, than stop, than wait for another 10mins, gerak, than stop. It's like you're riding a bumper car or or or being driven by someone who is mentally retarded. Annoying!

 Despite the horrible congestions that accompanied my thoughts and sights,the moment I arrived at the Binus Residence my jaws dropped open with disbelief. I portrayed this place as ugly as the thoughts of the bad traffic that just happened. I was deadly wrong. Tu la, underestimate lagi Sheyra oi!This is the place that I'll be staying for the next 6 months. *beams* 

Nice innit? Better than UiTM fo sho!

The following week, Ms. Arina (Binus Administrator) took me and my other Malaysian friends a tour around Binus. Mind you, Binus Residence, Binus University and Binus International (BI) is entirely different and it's difficultly confusing. Here's why:
  1. The buildings are in different locations.
  2. Binus University consist of 3 other campuses which is the Kijang Campus, Syahdan Campus and Anggrek Campus.
  3. My hostel room is NOT within the university compound. (This goes to you,pa)
  4. Not within walking distance either. Must take taxi. ( More cab ride means more money)
  5. Binus International is in Senayan. (Yes, across the luxurious Plaza Senayan and where usally BI students gets lunch )
  6. I am placed in Binus International. (Cab ride+ expensive food in Plaza Senayan = deficit cash in hand)

Binus University (Anggrek Campus)

Binus Interntional

Anyhoo, I just realized it's already March people! Mark the 16th on your reminder/calender/memo pad/forehead as I will turn 22 which generally means I can get married. Hahaha. This years 22nd is definitely going to be different as there'll be no family,  no Hasif and no closed friends.

So, prepare to be a year older. Jawa style.

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